2012 Samoa Medical Mission July 13-27

2012 Summer Medical Mission / Proposed Itinerary / Estimated Expenses (from Hawaii) *2012 / Mission Application

What Time: 3pm (unless otherwise noted)
Where: Mission of  Hope Ministries, 1819 Middleton St., Cayce, SC 29033

  • FIRST MEETING Jan 21 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
  • Feb. Meeting – Feb 18 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
  • March Meeting – Mar 17 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
  • Medical Warehouse Day – Mar 24 (Medical Whse, Columbia, 9am)
  • April Meeting & Medical Sorting / packing day – April 21 (9am packing for Samoa at Mission of Hope and monthly meeting will be held immediately afterwards)
  • May Meetings – May 19 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
  • June Meetings – June 9 & 23 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
  • July Meeting – July 7 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
  • July Sendoff – July 10 (Tuesday, service at 6:30 at Mission of Hope; invite your pastor, family, friends. Bring finger foods for fellowship after service)

Important Dates………Monies due to Mission of Hope: 

  • Hawaiian Airline deposit  $75 to hold your seats is due now

Mail check to Mission of Hope Ministries PO Box 280484, Columbia, SC 29228

  • First half of the offering ($140) due by March 1st (non-refundable).
  • Half of air fare $1000. due by April 1st
  • Inter-island flight fare due by May 1st
  • Balance of Airfare due June 1st
  • Balance of offering ($135) due July 1st

You can use a credit card for the airfare (not for the deposit).  I will need your credit card information by April 1st .

The rest you take on your trip with you to cover your lodging, extra meals, and souvenirs.

Please make sure your passport is not expired.  If you don’t have a passport, please order one now!  The cost is approximately $125.

The Video may take a minute or two to load fully…

A Heart for Samoa from pjh66 on GodTube.