2015 Samoa Medical Mission Jun 26-Jul 12

Jan – Jun 2015 (Monthly & Bi-Monthly Meetings for team members)

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2015 Mission Application

What Time: 3pm (unless otherwise noted)
Where: Mission of  Hope Ministries, 1819 Middleton St., Cayce, SC 29033 (Map)

FIRST MEETING – Jan 17, 3:00 PM (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
Feb. Meeting – Feb 21 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
March Meeting – Mar 14 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
Medical Warehouse Day – April  7 (Medical Whse, Columbia)
April Meeting & Medical Sorting / Packing Day – April 18 9:00 AM (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
May Meetings – May 16 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
June Meetings – June 6 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
June Meetings – June 20 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
June Sendoff – June 23 6:30 PM (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)

Important Dates………Monies due to Mission of Hope: 

  • Hawaiian Air deposit  $75 per person to hold seats is due now.
    Mail check to: Mission of Hope Ministries PO Box 2765, West Columbia, SC 29171
    or send by paypal.com to missionofhopeusa@aol.com
  • First half of the offering ($140 non-refundable) due by Feb 7
  • Domestic airfare $1400 (Columbia to Honolulu) due by March 14
    (for those traveling with the Columbia group)
  • Hawaiian airfare $1015 (Honolulu to Pago Pago) due by May 8
  • Inter-island airfare ($160)  and T-shirt money due May 22
  • Balance of offering ($135) & cost of Missionary Insurance ($35) due June 6
  • Please coordinate flights from your city to Honolulu with Eva at Mission of Hope Ministries

The rest you take on your trip with you to cover your lodging, extra meals, and souvenirs.

Please make sure your passport is not expired.  If you don’t have a passport, please order one now!  The cost is approximately $125

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