2017 Samoa Medical Mission Jun 23-Jul 9

Jan – Jun 2017 (Monthly & Bi-Monthly Meetings for team members) 

What Time: 3pm (unless otherwise noted)
Where: Mission of  Hope Ministries, 1819 Middleton St., Cayce, SC 29033 (Map)

Note: Please coordinate flights from your city to Honolulu with Eva at Mission of Hope Ministries.

Who should go on this Medical mission?

Anyone who wants to share the love of Jesus Christ.

People with and without medical training. We use Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, EMT’s, Pharmacists, Dentists, Eye Doctors, Physical Therapists, Medical Students, Ministers, Youth Workers, Singers/Musicians, and any Christian who wants to share the love of Jesus Christ.

**Meeting Dates

FIRST MEETING – Jan 14, 3:00 PM (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
Feb. Meeting – Feb 18 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
March Meeting – Mar 25 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC) **Note: Date Changed
April Meeting & Packing Day – April 29, 9:00 AM (Missions Center – Cayce, SC) **Note: Date Changed
May Meeting – May 13 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)
June Meeting – June 10 (Missions Center – Cayce, SC) **Note: Date Changed
June Sendoff – June 20 6:30 PM (Missions Center – Cayce, SC)

2017 Medical Mission Application – Download

2017 Estimated Expenses – Download  **Estimated expenses assume shared lodging (i.e. roommates)

**Important Dates….Monies due to Mission of Hope: 

  • Hawaiian Air deposit  $75 to hold your seat is due now (only two flights per week, so we reserve our seats in advance)
    Mail check to Mission of Hope Ministries PO Box 2765, West Columbia, SC 29171
    or send by paypal.com to missionofhopeusa@aol.com
  • First half of the offering ($140) due by Feb 11th (non-refundable). 
  • Hawaiian Airfare $1300. (Honolulu to Pago Pago) due by March 18
    **This ticket can cost less if you purchase it earlier. Contact Eva for details. 
  • Secure your domestic air ticket by May 6th  
  • Inter-island fare ($160)  and T-shirt money are due May 27th
  • Balance of offering ($135) & cost of Missionary Insurance (about $30) due June 10th

 The rest you take on your trip with you to cover lodging, extra meals, and souvenirs.

**Tentative Itinerary 2017:

  • Friday, June 23….team meets in Honolulu
  • Monday, June 26…Team departs Hawaii and arrives in Pago Pago, AS
  • Tues, June 27 ….fly to Apia (30 minute flight but they are a day ahead)
  • Wed, June 28…..Arrive in Apia
  • Thurs, June 29…..Arrive in Savaii Mission #1
  • Friday, June 30…. Mission #2 Savaii
  • Saturday, July 1…Depart Savaii and Arrive in Apia
  • Sunday July 2….Church services APC
  • Monday, July 3…..Mission #3 Upolu
  • Tuesday, July 4th…Mission #4 Upolu
  • Wednesday, July 5th…..Depart Apia (again, 30 minute flight but we go back in time 1 day!!)
  • Tues, July 4th ….Arrive in Pago
  • Wed, July 5th….Mission #5
  • Thurs, July 6th…..Mission #6
  • Friday, July 7th….Free day, Team departs Pago around 11pm for Hawaii/Mainland
  • Saturday, July 8th…..Arrive in Hawaii around 5am and depart Hawaii in afternoon.
  • Sunday, July 9th….team arrives in East Coast mid morning

**Please make sure your passport is not expired.  If you don’t have a passport, please order one now!

These over the counter meds are needed:(GENERIC’s are Fine)

*Meds need to be at the Missions Center by April 8th

  • Children’s, Babies, Pre-Natal and Adult Vitamins
  • Infant liquid vitamins
  • Cold Meds
  • Vicks Chest Rub
  • Anti-fungal cream
  • First Aid Cream
  • Neosporin Cream
  • Band Aids
  • Ben Gay / Icy Hot
  • Tylenol Children & Adult  (liquid/chewables forchildren)
  • Tussin (Cough Medicine)
  • Ibuprofen Children & Adult (liquid for children)
  • Lice Medicine Kits
  • Anti-itch cream

Other Needs :

  • Ziplock Bags (sandwich & Quart Size)
  • Diabetic supplies (glucometers & strips)

Contact us for more details…