Annie/ANE – Her special life in a wheelchair

This video is a highlight video in two parts to honor the memory of a special patient we have seen for 11 yrs during the medical missions to Samoa. It has pictures and video footage of her life before passing away on July 25th 2011 (one day before a visit from us to again tend to her wounds and fellowship with her and her compassionate and care giving family). At age 14, he was disabled after falling out of a tree and the local “witch” type doctor damaged the spinal chord.

She passed away due to some viral or bacterial infection in her body which quickly killed her because the local hospital couldn’t help her. She was at home with her family when she passed away, and the Lord surely was well pleased with her life as a Bible college graduate and Sunday school teacher and leader in her church in the village of Iva on the island of Savaii, Samoa. We all will miss her greatly.

Annie/ANE her special life in a wheelchair from Rich Smith on Vimeo.