Sharing Hope (8-year-old girl receives sight)



by Bev Sease

“The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” – JAMES 5:16

Lila and her mother came late in the day to one of our medical mission clinics in American Samoa. She had already seen the doctor and was brought to me for prayer. She sat down next to me, her eyes squinting as her mother told me about her blindness.

As I spoke to her, she stood and put her face within Inches of mine, reached up, felt my face with her fingers and smiled. I could not contain my tears as my heart melted in compassion for this beautiful six-year-old girl. I told Lila that Jesus loved her and that he wanted her to be healed. Our whole prayer team came together and laid hands on her to pray. Somehow, some way we know that God wanted Lila to see a miracle happen.

Back in the States after a few weeks of rest and reflective thoughts, an action plan came to mind, I spoke to my ophthalmologist about Lila’s case He informed me that only one doctor in Columbia, a pediatric ophthalmologist, could perform the delicate surgery. We contacted him and he agreed to do the surgery. Financial backing came quickly. Mt Horeb purchased the airline ticket and Lila was on her way from the small Island of American Samoa

The examination showed that the window of opportunity for a successful surgery was near its end. Prior to her surgery, Lila was once again surrounded by prayer, this time, by women from the Emmanuel Sisters small group who gathered to pray for a miracle. The surgery was extremely difficult and lengthy removing the tenacious cataract on the first eye. But praise God, against all odds, the surgery was a success. The following Week the second eye surgery was attempted. Again, a tedious slow precise surgery to remove the crystallized cataract became a miracle of Success! With great rejoicing, we praise God! When the eye shields were removed, Lila had perfect vision!!!

After her discharge from the hospital, Lila asked Jesus to come live in her heart. Oh the joy we experience when we take the Lord at His Word and believe that “the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective”.